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Last night was the farewell party for all the staff at Allders. It was a great night; one of those nights you just remember always. Didn't cry until Auld Lang Syne was played at the end and everyone started saying goodbye, at which point at least half the people had their tissues out. Finally made it to bed at about three-thirty, and then had to put the clock forward to four-thirty because British Summer Time started today!

Then today I got to watch the first episode of the new Doctor Who series. Much better than I hoped for, although I think the burping wheelie bin should have been cut. I also think someone should have sewn up the plot hole that had ordinary shop dummies equipped with energy weapons in their hands! Still, after nine years, I'm just glad it's back.


Mar. 25th, 2005 03:15 pm
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I slept from 11pm to 9 am last night, which is the first good night's sleep I've had for about two months. No waking up in the night and then lying there with my brain busily listing all the things I need to do the next day. Bliss!

What's even better - I can do it again tonight.
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Allders in Basingstoke finally closed at 11am today. I've worked there for eight and a half years, and it's a very strange feeling to know that it's gone. The last two or three weeks have not really been what you might call fun, although it's been absolute heaven to actually be allowed to tell customers that No, they can't have whichever unreasonable request they want, and that if they swear at me again I shall just walk away. Depressingly for the last eight years, that hasn't been something I felt I could do - working in retail can REALLY suck sometimes.

I don't yet have a new job but when I do it'll be 9 - 5, Monday to Friday, and please god, no general public.

Wow, I still can't really believe that it's all gone. All the stock, most of the fixtures, and all the staff - gone.


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