Apr. 11th, 2012 12:35 am
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I drove very nearly five hundred miles over the Easter weekend. It is entirely possible that this is more than I've driven in the whole of the ten-fifteen years before that.
I have driven up the Long Mynd - up a one-in-four single-track road, with a steep drop on one side and a steep climb on the other, and snow on a bit of the road. When Mum or Dad used to drive up there when my sister and I were kids we both used to huddle on the side of the car as far away from the drop as possible, so driving to the top myself just gave me a huge sense of achievement.
I have driven down endless tiny single-track roads, at about 15 mile per hour because there is no verge and the road bends every ten feet so you have no idea what, if anything, is coming the other way. Thankfully, usually nothing was coming, and on the rare occasions there was another car it, too, was going nice and slowly so we could edge round one another. It's rather an odd sensation to finally reach a village or small town, with a sign showing a speed limit of 30 mph, and realise that 30 now feels *really* fast!
I have driven down the A417/A419/M4 in driving rain and busy traffic with lousy visibility due to clouds of spray.
I have driven through Gloucester on a Saturday lunchtime and through the centre of Ludlow on a Saturday afternoon - and I have to say I could quite happily *never* drive through the centre of Ludlow ever again, no matter what time of day. A street that is *just* wide enough for a Fiesta plus the pedestrians (who had been merrily walking down the centre of the street until I turned into it) is not my idea of fun!
After fifteen years of not driving, taking lessons to get back into it was definitely one of my best choices for years, and after this weekend my confidence on the road is about a million times better. If I can do all that I did this weekend I can drive anywhere.
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