Mar. 23rd, 2012


Mar. 23rd, 2012 09:28 pm
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I'm watching a documentary on Peter Gabriel's album 'So'. It's fascinating, especially the fact that Sledgehammer was the song that brought him into the mainstream. I remember that song very clearly; it was all over the place when I was about 15, with endless people wittering on about what an amazing video it was. And to be fair, it was - is - an amazing video, even more so for the time it was made. But the whole thing did nothing for me; not the song, not the video; nothing. In fact it was the only piece of work by Peter Gabriel that I knew and it put me right off his music for years.

It wasn't until four years later at university that I came across the rest of his work - starting with Solsbury Hill - and was amazed to discover that this fantastic song was by the same person that made the incredibly dull Sledgehammer. And that started a love affair for his music that's still with me 20 years on; he is, without a doubt, my favourite artiste. These days I even quite like Sledgehammer - although not when accompanied by the video, oddly enough.

Also, cool - I never realised they were real (dead/plucked/oven-ready) chickens on the video.


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